Center Art

Illustrator – Storyteller – Printmaker

San Diego Zinefest Promotional Print

Yonic Ceramics

Silk Pearl Panties

Shining Twins: Limited edition Halloween Print

Friendsgiving- Recipe Cards

Dumbness is Everything

Charlie the Gimp Backpack

Personal Branding (2015)

BDSM Pin Ups

Strong, Young, and Perverted Panties

Hive Gallery Line Attack 2017 - "Strength"

Moving Day- One Page Challenge

Roco Siffredi - Volkswagen

Will You Be the Pit to My Avocado?

Hive Gallery - Something Witchy 2017

Donut Bar San Diego: Promotional Comic Con Poster

Self Portrait 2015

Eat Me

Lockness Monster: Tattoo Comisson

Megan James - Purity Ring

Aftercare- An Instructional Narrative


Joey, Jolie, and John Carpenter's The THING

Hive Gallery - "Agony"

Hive Gallery - "Strength"

UNIF collaboration RISO Print

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Beautiful Shameless Girl

Mother Moth: Promotional Giveaway

Dog Beach - Promotional Print

Olympia Zinefest - Promotional Print

bear woodcut

Hive Gallery Line Attack 2017 - "Serenity"

Dime Sack Zine

Catcher in the Rye

Dolly Parton Portrait- Cut Paper

Year of the Goat - Promotional Handout

Little Spoon

Trump Condoms

Chili Mango Lollipop Pin

Hippie Sabotage Band Poster

Nyan Wall Trump

Lithography Study

Healing Plants of the Burren- Burren College of the Art

Post It Show 2016

Nerf Wars- Pop Up One Sheet Challenge

Bookends - Rotating Narrative


Animal Studies and Sketches

Donuts and Barry White- in collaboration with DonutBar SD

Our Lady- Woodcut and Silkscreen Combo

Transform: Tattoo Comisson

Flying Shibas- Otis Lab Press

Art is my Dominatrix

I Weedy Like You - Valentine

Line Attack 2015 Coloring Pages

Women Against Gun Violence - "It Doesn't Add Up"

Heart of a gimp

Shibari Fun for You! Instructional Card Set

Self Care: Little Dame's Heartbreak Hotel

Hive Gallery - "Tourment"

Secret Pocket Sex Pillow - Soft Good Product Design

Eat Me Patch

I Promise, I'll Care for You

Charlie the Gimp Coloring Book- Lasercut

I Love my Cat and She Loves Me

Irish Horse Breeds- Burren College of the Art

Simulations of God

John Muir Trail Patch to Benefit the National Parks Association

Pet Sticker Designs

Etching: Travelers

Dildo Nun

Blow Job - A Genderbend Poster

Extremely Intimidating Sex Toys

It's Hard Out There for a Gimp

Spanking Guide - NSFW

Cautious Kink

The Traveler and The Spirit - A Pop Up Book

Three Little Pigs

Cautious Kink Logo Laser Cut Paddle- Hard Goods Product Design

Purity and Destruction

By Your Side- Editorial and Zine

Radical Goat


It's Hard Out There For a Gimp Zine

Hive Gallery: Line Attack 2015

Greater Kudu: Mating, Gestation, and Birth

Little Bear Pub - Promotional Poster

Anti Trump Poster

Mavis Spencer and Dubai

Sensitive Stoner, Cry about it

Silver Birch